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How to install the connector

Step 1 Cut the cable

Use the solar cable cutter to cut the cable with exact length you need.

Step 2 Stirp the cable

Choose the right cable gauge, do not cut individual strands at stripping.

Step 3 Crimp the cable

Open the clamp and hold. Place the contact in the appropriate cross-section range. Press the pliers gently together until the crip lugs are properly located within the crimping die.

Step 4 Insert the cable

Insert the crimped-on contact into the insulator of the male or female coupler until it clicks into place. Pull gently on the lead to check that the metal part is correctly engaged.

Step 5 Tighten cable gland

Tighten the cable gland with spanner. 

Step 6 Safety check

Plug the parts of cable coupler together until they click in palce. Check that they have engaged properly by pulling on the cable coupler.

Cable routing

Cable management must allow a minimum of 20 mm of cable that exits directly from the cable seal without bending or stress. Refer to cable manufacturers specification for minimum bending radius. Please see picture regarding detailed cable ronting.

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