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4 Reasons to Buy a SunPower Equinox® Home Solar System With Storage

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Reason 1: You Crave Energy Independence

Your electricity bill is a lifetime monthly financial obligation that you probably think you can’t control. And you’re right. As long as your home is powered by the utility grid, you’re beholden to your utility’s unpredictable rate hikes. Electricity prices will likely continue to increase annually, and as a homeowner you’ll likely grow more frustrated as they do. That’s because unless you go solar or find another renewable energy source there’s not much you can do beyond trying to make your home more energy efficient and keeping your thermostat at 80 during hot summers or 65 during cold winters.

But what if you were generating your own power with clean solar energy? And what if you had a way to store that energy and use it when you choose? That’s the beauty of the new SunPower Equinox® Storage. With solar and storage, any excess solar energy that is produced during the day can be stored in your battery. You can use the solar that’s saved in your storage battery to reduce the amount of energy that you use from the grid during expensive peak hours when utility rates are the highest.

Reason 2: You Want to Keep the Lights on During Power Outages

Do you live in California where the utility provider has announced that residents are now subject to mandatory power shut-offs due to fire danger? Or perhaps you’re in New York where Manhattan’s lengthy July 2019 blackout was linked to equipment failures, high demand and the utility’s aging infrastructure. Whatever the case, unexpectedly losing power can be difficult.

But if you have a SunPower Equinox Solar System with battery storage, during a blackout you can seamlessly switch to using the solar power stored in your battery to power essential home appliances.1 That means select appliances that you choose before installation, such as your refrigerator, telephone or home security system can still be powered. Or, depending upon the size of the battery storage system you choose, your settings, and several other factors, you may be able to store enough electricity to power your entire house for a limited period of time.2

So, while your neighbors are fumbling to find a flashlight in the dark, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ve got enough electricity stored to get you through the night.2

Reason 3: You Want Control Over Your Energy 

Whether you crave independence from the grid to maximize your energy savings or you’re worried about power outages (or you want a little of each), the SunPower Equinox Storage solution puts you, the homeowner, in control of your electricity usage in an unprecedented fashion. By simply adding this device — a sleekly designed minimalist white box mounted on a wall in your garage — you can gain greater peace of mind and save more money on your electric bill than you would with a solar system alone.

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